Go on a journey of discovery in the beautiful world of parks

The most beautiful and greenest way to get to know Sweden is to visit our parks. Some of them are within jogging distance from where you live. But there are parks waiting to be discovered from the Alpine Garden in Jokkmokk to Katrinetorp in Skåne.

Swedish Gardens will guide you to 35 of Sweden’s most fantastic parks. They offer inspiration whether you like baroque palace flowerbeds or want to learn which flowers bumblebees and butterflies adore. They acquaint you with friendly Swedish Red-and-Whites, an old country breed of cow, or let you be a bit of a botanist among historical roses with names like ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ and ‘Rosa Mundi’. If you long to step into a Downton Abbey world, we recommend a trip to Tjolöholm in Northern Halland. Even if you just want to lie on your back in the green grass and take deep breaths, you’ve come to the right place, because in the parks, the air is of course cleaner.  

35 parks – and no two are the same. You are very much welcome to discover them!

Our vision is to inspire and contribute to knowledge, biodiversity and a green quality of life.

Swedish Gardens is the network for Sweden’s foremost parks and open gardens. Our members’ centres all have their own unique stories and way of portraying garden culture.
Our main vocation is to help visitors from Sweden and abroad discover this wealth of tourist attractions.
It’s easy to find the parks you want to visit, and also to discover new cultural treasures that you were previously not aware of. The importance of parks is growing with an increasing interest in nature and the environment. This places great demand on our open gardens, which strive to welcome, inspire, afford a green quality of life and counterbalance our stressful existence.
Parks are the obvious source of knowledge for how we can all promote biodiversity in our gardens and nature areas. From this starting point, ideas for a greener and more beautiful world are spread.

Our aim is to showcase Sweden’s foremost parks and gardens as a destination for Swedish and international tourists and to…

… strengthen the role of parks as a source of inspiration and knowledge.

… increase knowledge of and interest in the importance of green cultural heritage

… create opportunities for sharing experience and skills between the parks and gardens

… make it easy to combine visits to several nearby parks

… be a national social actor

Membership criteria
Swedish Gardens is a network of and for large public parks in Sweden. The parks strive to be shining examples of sustainable destinations and tourist attractions.
More about our vision and membership criteria!

“The Swedish Gardens network brings together the most important parks and gardens in Sweden that represent Swedish green cultural heritage through the ages. We want to point out and inform you about the high quality that Swedish parks stand for. In these parks, green interests and inspiration are cultivated that Swedes take back into their own gardens. In this way, the parks fulfil important purposes both as a source of inspiration and as fine examples of horticulture, community, well-being and recreation. The parks, public gardens and historic city parks are well cared for in Sweden, and are important cultural carriers both in cities and the countryside. You are very welcome to take part in our national green cultural treasure!
Cecilia Liljedahl
Founder of Swedish Gardens

Facts about Swedish Gardens

  • Swedish Gardens was founded in 2010.
  • The network consists of Sweden’s foremost parks and open gardens.
  • The secretariat is located at Nääs Castle in Lerum municipality.
  • Every year, networking meetings are organised for different professions working in the members’ centres.

Board Members 2023

  • Maria Sidén, President
  • Lena Vikström, Vice President
  • Ulf Nordfjell, Landscape Architect, Stockholm
  • Tomas Lindvall, Technical Manager, Sundbyberg Municipality
  • Lotta Saetre, Communications Officer, The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala
  • Tina Westerlund, The Craft Laboratory at Gothenburg University
  • Caroline Lundholm, Operations Manager at Sofiero


Press and Media
Kajsa Sjölander, Communications Officer

Swedish Gardens
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Nääs Castle
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